The Revolutionary Student Front is a revolutionary anti-capitalist student movement. If you’re a student in the Austin area and you agree with these Points of Unity (no matter what your political tendency), join the RSF!


Capitalism is a system where a small ruling class dominates every aspect of society and oppresses and exploits the world’s people. Under capitalism, those in power value profits over human lives and the future of the planet. We want to overthrow capitalism and replace it with a system where the people who produce the world’s wealth will enjoy the full benefit of that wealth and the people who make the world run will decide how it is run.


Real change will not come from within the system. The ruling class will never allow us to vote them out of power. No amount of reform can make capitalism into a system that is good for the planet and the people on it. Real change will only come when the masses of oppressed people worldwide unite to destroy the capitalist system and the institutions that uphold it and build a new and more just society. We oppose reformism, electoralism, and any other form of opportunistic collaboration with the ruling class’s institutions. We do not talk with, work with, or assist the police, because they are the enemies of the people; their function is to protect the ruling class, attack the working class, and enforce white supremacy.


We are a proletarian feminist, anti-racist, pro-trans, pro-queer, and anti-ableist organization. Systems of oppression such as patriarchy, white supremacy, and ableism are pillars that uphold capitalism; they cannot be destroyed until capitalism is destroyed, and we cannot hope to destroy capitalism unless we combat them within our movements. We believe that none of us will be free until all of us are free. As such, we are committed to struggling against all systems of oppression, both within the left and in society at large. However, we do not support reformist, pro-capitalist movements that merely seek a share of the pie and a seat at the table within the imperialist system rather than overthrowing it. We believe genuine anti-oppression struggles must orient themselves towards the working-class sections of oppressed groups, because only this can truly attack the deepest root of the oppression. Furthermore, we recognize that the United States is a settler-colonial society built on indigenous genocide and Afrikan slavery, and we uphold the right of all oppressed nations to self-determination, for a society free of oppression and exploitation cannot be created on top of colonialism.


Imperialism is the final stage of capitalism, where rich countries and their multinational corporations divide the poor countries of the world among themselves in order to exploit their labor and steal their resources. Imperialism leads to endless warfare across the world as imperialists fight against each other and the resistance of the people. All oppressed people have the right to rebel against imperialism. Internationalism means it is our duty to stand together with them and struggle against ideologies like racism, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, Zionism, and backwards nationalism, which allow capitalists to divide and conquer the world’s people and justify colonization and genocide.


We believe that the mass line is the most effective, proven way of building the people’s power to struggle against capitalism and all systems of oppression. The mass line means listening to ideas from the people, analyzing, concentrating, and sharpening them using revolutionary theory, then returning these synthesized ideas to the people before putting them into practice. By using the mass line, we aim to help newcomers with new ideas develop into strong organizers themselves. The mass line also allows us to correct the wrong ideas and programs we have developed as a group along the way, and ensure that our ideas and practices come from the masses themselves and are put into place solely for the benefit of these masses.


Revolutionary Student Front
Austin, Texas