The Revolutionary Student Front is a revolutionary anti-capitalist student organization in Austin, Texas. Any student enrolled in a university, college, or school in Austin, or any person who is on temporary break from schooling with plans to return, and accepts these points of unity is welcome to join our organization.


Capitalism is an economic and political system in which a small ruling class dominates every aspect of society in order to oppress and exploit the vast majority of the world’s people. We seek to build a movement to overthrow capitalism and replace it with a political system that operates according to the needs of the people and not the capitalist class.



The society we want to create cannot come from working within the capitalist institutions – the ruling class whose power relies on the exploitation of the people will never give up its power without a fight. To build a society free from oppression and exploitation, the working class must lead an armed struggle against this system and its institutions such as the army and the police, which function as the ruling class’s first defenders.



Since the beginning of class society, the order of the ruling classes has been necessarily maintained through the violent subordination of women. Working class women compose the majority of society, yet are systematically degraded, attacked, and prevented from obtaining real power. We view the class struggle as the struggle for women’s liberation, and are committed to the fight against patriarchal oppression which affects both women and those whose gender expression deviates from the gender they have been assigned by society at birth. We are dedicated to building a women’s movement that will recruit, train, and place women at the forefront of the revolutionary movement to organize and fight for the destruction of the existing political order.



Imperialism is the highest and most unstable stage of capitalism characterized by constant struggle and war as the capitalists of each country compete internationally for control over the world’s resources. The ultimate interests of the working class of the US align far more the working people of other countries than with the ruling class of their own country. Since our interests as the working class of the world are interconnected, we stand in unity with revolutionary forces across the world who fight to overthrow their own ruling class and to resist imperialism, including those in the US who fight for the liberation of the Black and Chicano nations that exist within the borders of the prisonhouse that is the United States..



In our era, the ruling classes of imperialist countries are increasingly turning away from liberal democracy and towards fascism as their preferred method of rule. Under fascism, the most reactionary and openly imperialist elements of capitalism take political and economic control and maintain power through open, terroristic dictatorship which they typically uphold through encouraging ideologies like racism, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, and so on. Since fascism is a particularly vicious dictatorship of the capitalist class and because its existence is a threat to the lives and the interests of the people we serve, we must fight against fascism, whether in its open and unapologetic form, or in its early, developmental stages.



Revolutionary Student Front
Austin, Texas